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Awards :: Challenge #44 :: Rebecca Romijn :: Add Effects

Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you to everyone who entered. You all did such an amazing job with these blends I just wish I could have given out more awards. Remember what I keep saying, the more entries I get then the more awards I can give out. I also posted these awards early because I wasn't getting that much participation in the voting. Remember I want you guys to vote too because you're voting for your fellow blenders, and you get to choose who you think is the best entry in every challenge. So vote please from now on. And don't forget the new Sandra Bullock challenge. A new challenge will be posted soon.

Gold goes to: ___stereotype

Silver goes to: whatwas

Bronze goes to: overcrowded

An Honorable Mention for: stereo_pilot
Honorable Mention

Viewer's Choice goes to: ___stereotype
Viewers Choice

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Oh wow, cool! Thank you so much for the awards!

Congratulations to everyone who won!
Thanks!!! Congrats to everyone esp, ___stereotype yours was gorg!
cool beans.....
congrats to the other winners.....