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Challenge #42 :: Jesse Metcalfe

Challenge #42
Jesse Metcalfe
TV:Passions,Desperate Housewives
Guest Appearances:Smallville
Film:John Tucker Must Die,Release Date-2006
# of pictures- 45
Pictures from- Jesse Metcalfe Dot Net

Start- Saturday :: Oct. 29
End- Saturday :: Nov. 12
Voting Begins :: Nov.13
Voting Ends :: Nov.15
Awards :: Nov.16/17
Blend label :: ethereal-username-42
Label example :: ethereal-princess2k19-42

LJ Username:
Link to Blend:

Comment to make sure I got your blend. Hope to see some entries soon.

--The quality of the thumbnails came out really bad. Don't let that fool you because the actual pictures are high quality.
--The thumbnails are also cropped,thats not the whole picture.

P.S. You guys asked for more guy challenges so here ya go. I delivered yummy Jesse to you guys. Enjoy. ;)

Happy Blending!

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omggggggg there are so many excellent pictures..... how's a person supposed to chose..... lol
Lol very wisely lol. :) Isn't he just so cute?
sent! :)
I got it,thanks. :) Oh yeah one question who's that on your icon?


12 years ago


12 years ago

I sent one ...
I got it,thanks. :)
I got it,thanks. :)
I got it,thanks. :)
Just sent mine. Hope it got there in time.
Is it still possible to send an entry? I know the challenge did actually end already, but I didn't see a voting post yet, so I thought I could ask. If it's too late, I'll just wait for the next challenge. :)
I'm sorry I never replied but if you still want to go ahead and send in the entry then you can go ahead and do that. I've just been really busy but this place is up and running again.
just sent in an entry hun, thanks!
No no no, thank you. :P I got it, thanks Jay lol.
Sent mine in. :D
I got it, thanks. :)
sent mine.
I got it, thank you.