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Ethereal Blends

When You Just Need to Blend Something

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Ethereal Blends

Your Mod is

What is a blend?

The dictionary defines a blend as:
"A thorough mixture of one thing with another, as color, tint, etc., into another, so that it cannot be known where one ends or the other begins."

Therefore when creating a blend you must use 2 pictures or more to create a blend where it's hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. You can also add,text,filters,brushes,textures, and any other effects to your blend as well. There are a couple of ways to blend, you just have to find which is easier for you.

Ethereal Blends

What are the rules?

Most of the rules here are the same with almost every other blending community. We won't be strict with the sizes of the blends if they exceed the given size. Just please try not to submit a huge blend. They take a while to load especially if they're in .png format.

F.Y.I You're blend can be anti or fan. Just as long as they are not obscene, racist, and all those other bad things. You can, however, add curse words or "sentence enhancers" as I like to call them lol. They can also be sexy as long as they're not raunchy and such.

--Must use 2 or more pictures in pic challenges.
--Use the pictures we supply unless otherwise noted.
--The blends can be 250x250 and no larger than 800x800 (Not strict)
--One entry per challenge
--Blends must be in either .jpg,.png,or.gif.
--Read the rules carefully for add effects

---Voting:Because it goes with rules
*Vote for the blend you think is the best, not just because it's a friends entry.

Ethereal Blends

How to submit a blend.

It's very important that you don't submit your blend within the comments. It's much easier for you to e-mail us with the information we ask of you. Make sure to label your blend correctly to avoid confusion.

--Save blend as ethereal-username-challenge #
*example - ethereal-princess2k19-1
--Upload the blend to your own server.
--E-mail the following information to ethereal_blends@yahoo.com:
*Lj username
*Link to blend

Ethereal Blends

Time you are given to enter

Extensions will only be given if one of us can't start the voting or if we don't have enough entries. Otherwise the date given will be the date that all the entries should be in.

--For blend challenges: 2 weeks
--For add effects challenges : 2 weeks
--Special Challenges : 14-20 days

Ethereal Blends

Member's vote for Viewer's Choice. Mods pick all the other awards.

Awards Available
--Gold (1st)
--Silver (2nd)
--Bronze (3rd)
--Ethereal (Blend that makes us go wowzers!)
--Honorable Mention
--Best Effect
--Best use of color
--The One(One of a kind)
--Viewer's Choice

Ethereal Blends


List of the challenges:

#1 // The Beach
#2 // Diane Kruger- Add Effects
#3 // Keanu Reeves
#4 // Shirley Manson- Add Effects
#5 // Kisrten Dunst
#6 // Hugh Jackman- Add Effects
#7 // Jessica Alba- Add Effects
#8 // Sarah Michelle Gellar
#9 // Thora Birch
#10 // Alicia Keys- Add Effects
#11 // Kylie Minogue
#12 // Candy Catch Phrase
#13 // Tara Reid
#14 // Lauren Graham- Add Effects
#15 // Shannon Elizabeth
#16 // Rose Byrne- Add Effects
#17 // Adriana Lima- Add Effects
#18 // Gwyneth Paltrow
#19 // Halloween Challenge
#20 // Quentin Tarantino- Add Effects
#21 // Heather Graham
#22 // Rachel Bilson- Add Effects
#23 // Milla Jovovich
#24 // Colin Farrell- Add Effects
#25 // Kate Winslet
#26 // Eva Longoria- Add Effects
#27 // Alexis Bledel
#28 // Natalie Portman
#29 // Hayden Christensen
#30 // Amber Tamblyn- Add Effects
#31 // Emilie De Ravin- Color In
#32 // Jennifer Connelly- Add Effects
#33 // Katie Holmes
#34 // Amanda Peet- Color In
#35 // Stacey Ferguson- Add Effects
#36 // Jessica Biel
#37 // Aaliyah- Add Effects
#38 // Kate Hudson
#39 // Reese Witherspoon- Add Effects
#40 // Halloween/October:Scroll Me Sideways
#41 // Claire Danes- Color In
#42 // Jesse Metcalf
#43 // Kate Bosworth- Closed
#44 // Rebecca Romijn- Add Effects- Closed
#45 // Sandra Bullock- Color In- Open
#46 // Hilary Duff

Ethereal Blends

Acid Fonts
Font Addicts

Miss M
Just Dreaming
Angelic Trust
Annika Von Holdt

Photoshop Support Tutorials

--Colorizing #1
--Colorizing #2

We haven't written any tutorials yet, but you can find some great one's at blend_it. Check their memories section.

Ethereal Blends

Link Us

Please upload to your own host.

Gwen Stefani Grungy Hayden Christensen Purple

Ethereal Blends